Monday, 7 November 2011

Paper Craft..... Stars.

These cute and seasonal decorations are very simple to make. 

You will need:
Star template, 1 x wrapping paper, ruler, cutting mat, scalpel, pen/pencil, compass, glue stick, hole punch, string.

1. Print out the template and stick it onto your chosen wrap. 
2. Cut around the templates that are now stuck onto the wrap. 
3. With each piece, fold up the edges on the dotted lines that are shown on the template. These 2 flaps should be folded toward the patterned side of the paper (the outside of the 
4. Lay out five of the cutouts. This will form one half of the star.

5.  Attach all the flaps to each other using a glue stick, with the pattern facing outwards.

6.When all five sections are attached do the same to the other five. Then apply glue to the edges of the points of the star.  

7. Stick together both halves of the star.  

8. Once the glue has dried punch a hole at the end of one of the stars using a hole punch.  

9. Then thread some string/thread through, tie a knot, and it is 
ready to be hung!

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