Friday, 17 December 2010

Because its friday... And we have a new team member....!

This post is purely dedicated to the heir of the nineteen seventy three throne who was born yesterday weighing in at a very impressive 8 pounds 9 ounces. Herbert Tiger Emmerson has arrived and although I appreciate this song has no reference to babies (i am not a sailor, I am captain)  I couldn't post the monstrosity that is the current number 1 (the week of his birth)

Featured!!! House and Home

I managed to spot this little post about Paula Asple's beautiful home. Paula owns Mabel & Violet and the House and home blog went to see her gaff for themselves ..

I spied with my little eye this wall of mounted postcards, which happen to be a selection of ours. The wall features PC's from our  and Heidi

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Maybe you're more Green.........

yes the green stuff is quite nice too! 

1. Tiger Drawing book Sukie ... £7.99
2. Russian Doll The Good Life Invitations ... £4.99
3. Snowflake Felt Decoration card ... £2.75
4. The Monkees It's Pop It's Art card ... £2.00
5. Green 354 C Pantone Christmas card ... £2.00
6. Leopard Wild Side card ... £2.00
7. Garden Gnome The Good life card ... £2.00
8. Fox Wild Side Notebook ... £3.50


Shop by Colour....RED

For all you who like to colour coordinate..... 

1. I'll be there  It's Pop It's Art card ... £2.00
2. Bull Wild Side card ... £2.00
3. Happy Birthday Stamp Pintuck card ... £2.00
4. Love Sukie Christmas card ... £2.00
5. Red 032C Pantone card ... £2.00
6. Ladybird Wrapping Paper ... £2.00
7. Gipsie Heidi card ... £2.00
8. Dove Felt Decoration Christmas card ... £2.75
9. Biker The Good Life card ... £2.00
10. Red 032C Pantone Gift Tag ... £1.00

Happy Shopping...!

Featured!!! Babyology!

We got a great write up on babyology, an Australian online bible for all your babies needs. The post  describes our website as like 'floating into a colourful sea of brilliant and beautiful paper products' thanks very much! Jamie Purnot was kind enough to compliment our designs and back our use off all things recycled.

Screen shots taken from

have a look at the post here

Friday, 10 December 2010

Because it's Friday........ The better Buckley

Tim is my opinion.... I don't know whats happnin' with is eye in that picture but whatev's

Reworked 1973...Med et lekent Sinn

I think I've mentioned this Norwegian blog before, its beautiful! Here Ann Sandy's magic worked its way on an old brown cabinet....

Using our flower wrap it was transformed into a very unique piece of furniture.

We really like things like this..... if there are anymore of your clever lot out there we would LOVE to see what you have used our wrap for.

Links here

All images courtesy of Ann Sandy @ Med et Lekent Sinn

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Friday, 3 December 2010

Because its Friday...Ruben and the Jets

this is the only way I like Frank Zappa. I know this entire album word for word. My mum played it to death when we were kids. Really age appropriate for a 8 year old to sing about suicide. My mum is mental.

Featured!!! Pushing Papers + Charlotte's Fancy

We featured on two more blogs recently. Firstly Pushing PapersMolly de Aguiar's beauty of a  blog which showcased the Gorgeous Darling Clementine Snow Folk christmas range. See the full post here

Secondly on Charlotte's Fancy back in March. Very pleased. 

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

and the winner is.......Emma Fitzgerald!

the random number service has chosen emma as the recipient of our christmas card giveaway! Congrats! Thanks to everyone for entering. We will be having loads more giveaways in the new year.