Tuesday, 22 April 2014

New Blog Coming Soon

Sorry for the lack of posts, we are mixing things up here and will have a bigger and better blog coming at ya soon………………….

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Interview with Robbie Porter

What is your greatest achievement? 
I think the thing I’m happiest with is simply being able to work from home &  listen to music all day
whilst drawing.
How would you describe your work/style to someone who hadn't seen it? 
clean & conceptual 
What piece of advice would you give your 15 year old self? 
learn an instrument, read more & don’t eat so many biscuits…

When are you happiest? 
It’s a toss up between the 5 minutes after I finish a drawing, the curtain opening at the movies &
What is the worst job you have had? 
I’ve been pretty lucky really but I did work in a basement for a few months (I had to wear a padded
boiler-suit to stay warm) 
Who would play you in the movie of your life? 
Rick Moranis please!

What is your karaoke song? 
I’ve only done it once but i remember attempting to rap quite a lot… maybe sugarhill gang?
What 5 things can't you live without?  
good stories 
friends & family 
a good tune
What is the greatest invention of all time?
If you didn't do what you do, what would you do? 
probably a librarian
walking around