Monday, 25 October 2010

30% off till tomorrow!

Weekends are made of this...

I am the undisputed reigning champion.... 

Reworked 1973...Julia Dettmer

Being a little nosey images like this always interests us. One of our customers Julia Dettmer emailed us with a couple of images of the gorgeous mounted Sanna Annukka postcards she purchased. The thing that always impresses me is how luxurious these products look, you wouldn't believe these were 80p postcards

Friday, 22 October 2010

Because it's Friday......

 and this is possibly the best thing on You Tube EVER... James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince all on stage together. But the best bit is when Prince (who seems rather intoxicated) nearly falls off the stage..

can you tell i'm a Prince freak by my clothes today?

 I'm tragic...I know

New Pantone in our shop!!!

We've added a couple of new Pantone products to our webshop..... Firstly our lush Pantone Christmas card box set. This box contains 8 Pantone christmas cards and 8 pantone envelopes. Get yours here

We've also added the Pantone gift bags. They come in 6 different styles and the perfect answer for all you rubbish wrappers out there (me included) Go have a look here

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Ewen Spencer. Three's a Crowd.

Here at 1973 we were very excited to get our hands on a copy of Ewen Spencer's new book before its launch on Friday. 'Three's a Crowd' is a publication depicting Spencer's four year journey photographing The White Stripes. This relationship has produced some iconic imagery of the duo and the edited collection in this book gives a more relaxed and sometimes private look into this hugely successful bands day to day life on the road.

The book launch is this Friday (22nd) at Host Galley in East London, full deets here. Ewen's website here, Ewens blog here

New Sukie in our shop!!!!

We have got some really lovely new Sukie products in our shop! These new products have the distinctive style and fresh colour pallet that we have come to expect of Darrell and Julia aka Sukie!

Firstly there are these two great 'my first novel' books which are printed on 100% recycled paper. With their card covers and plain pages they are perfect to carry around for spontaneous drawing or writing. Get yours here

Secondly are these amazing pencil cases. They come in the Alphabet, Strange Fruit and Bird Tree designs that can be found on our cards. All are silkscreen printed on organic cotton canvas. A really versatile product which would make a nice gift, get yours here

Lastly are these gorgeous drawings books, each adorned with a cute creature. Perfect for young or old sketchers, doodlers and scribblers with their blank 100% recycled pages. These soft back silkscreen printed sketchbooks come if four different styles. Get your hands on them here


Monday, 18 October 2010

1973 Loves..... Emma Roach

Over the weekend I visited the Brighton Vintage fair and caught up with a talented trio of London ladies Sarah Magnay, Lucy Benson and Emma Roach. All are very talented... however, it occurred to me I had never looked at Emma's online work. Roach is a Set designer and costume maker extraordinaire. Her work is instantly recognisable from various Kylie videos, Vogue shoots and Westwood adverts. Roach has many, many strings to her talented bow, and she's well funny to boot.......

images courtesy of

Friday, 15 October 2010

1973 loves.....Willie Tee

Because its Friday.....

and in that lemon yellow suit I don't doubt for a second that James Fountain is a Seven Day Lover......... so fresh.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

1973 Loves....Harriet De Roeper

Kingston graduate De Roeper's work is phenomenal. Her insect embroidered fabrics are
beautifully gothic, yet very modern.
Her love of print and tailoring are married perfectly in her collection of classic shirt and suit silhouettes marred by embroidered insect graffiti.

images courtesy of

Her illustrations also have a very distinct style which reflects the tone of the collection perfectly.

image courtesy of
View her website here

1973 Loves...

these amazing 3D fruit post-it notes from the D-BROS brand. So simple yet so effective... LOVE IT 

images courtesy of

get yours HERE

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Reworked 1973

As I previously posted we really like seeing our products used in innovative and interesting ways. While doing my usual search I cam across this on Bambino goodies, who I have mentioned before. Here they have taken plain Anaeboda drawers from IKEA and transformed them into something more exciting using a selection of our wraps.

images courtesy of

Natalie went on to transform her daughters basic drawers into a fantastic piece of furniture featuring our owlred apple and russian doll...

See the full post here

Darling Clementine Christmas.

Their Christmas cards here

Featured!! Creature Comforts blog

One of our Sanna Annukka Postcards featured on this Gorgeous blog. This posts theme is 'earth tones' so our Sanna product fits in perfectly. See the full post here

Monday, 11 October 2010

100th Post!!!!!!

bloody hell I can talk A LOT of rubbish....... So I'll keep this momentous post short and sweet. Things that are doing it for 1973 right now.......

Yellena James

images courtesy of Yellena James

Confetti System piƱatas 

images courtesy of ink and post

Artists Section

We have been having our website updated recently. The artists page is finally up and it gives a brief overview of the talented people we work with here at 1973. Each illustrator has their own section with a photo, which I always like because I'm nosey and want to see what people look like.....Sanna Annukka, Darling Clementine , Paul Thurlby, Belle & BooJon Burgerman and Andy Smith all feature.... have look at their profiles here

Ginger Pig...

After having a ridiculously busy September James and Emma treated us to a amazing dinner at the Ginger Pig in Hove. Here is Emma, me, Lucy, Timae and Jacqui enjoying our puds... don't know how James avoided the group shot but it was a lovely evening. Emma and I manned up and ate roasted bone marrow which can only be described as salty mush. The food was lush, the company was grand and to top it off it was the eve of Timae's birthday!!! Good stuff.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Because its Friday.......

and the sun is shining. And as a 10 year old pointed out to me once 'He's not very good at singing' but thats OK. We like it.

1973 loves....Whippet Benches

Never to shy away from interesting design, especially  if it is whippet based. We bring you the whippet benches. Heree at 1973 (well me really) love love these benches that were created in 2000 by Radi designers. I I need!!!!!! 

images courtesy

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Pantone notecard sets now available online!!

Finally these gorgeous products are available retail on our webshop....... get yours right here




Tuesday, 5 October 2010

1973 loves..... Sanna Annukka's Christmas tins for M&S

As some of you may remember last year our friend Sanna Annukka brought out a range of beautiful tins for M&S at Christmas. The biscuit tins are back this year and better than ever. Have a look at Sanna's work here

images courtesy of


While trailing the internet I came across this blog that is all about paper, patterns and bookbinding. Kasa's posts are great and her photography is beautiful. I spotted these two while snooping and couldn't help noticing our fox and Baltic Birds wrap in her gorgeous plan chest. If you haven't seen her blog have a look here.

images courtesy of

Monday, 4 October 2010

Featured!!!! Room For Young Ones.

We got a brilliant write up on this stateside blog. Rooms For Young Ones is a blog dedicated to being a resource for parents who are looking for fresh ideas and exciting design when it comes to their offspring. Jamie has swapped her life as an Advertising Executive for one of interior design and motherhood. See the full blog post here


James and Emma a currently working on a new design idea.... they are experimenting with the various screen printing designs and techniques. We're looking forward to seeing the end product and having a new line with a fresh finish.