Monday, 21 November 2011

Paper Craft..... Paper Pom Poms.

Versatile and alternative paper decorations 

You will need:
Tissue paper between 6-12 sheets depending on how dense you want your pom poms to be, scissors, pencil/pen, ruler, pipe cleaner, string.
1.Measure the length of your paper then divide and mark the edge as a fold guide e.g the paper shown was 24cm in length so it was marked every 3cms, this will ensure even pleats which should result in an even and full pom pom. 
2.Using your guide pleat the paper back and fourth to create a concertina. 
3. Fold the concertina in half and then secure with the pipe cleaner in the middle. (This will later be used to attached the string so you can hang your pom pom up)
4. Draw a semicircle at the tip of the concertina, then repeat with the other end. 
5. Cut just inside the semicircle leaving a rounded edge. 
6. Repeat with the other side.
7. Open out the concertina to create a circular shape with scalloped edges. 
8. Start with one end i.e the pipe cleaner being the middle, and start folding the 'petals' back to the centre. Being extra careful not to rip or tear the tissue. Do this alternately on each side. 

9. You should have created one half of your pom pom. It may not be perfect yet but you can shape it later. Then start the same process on the other half making the pom pom whole. 

10. Once the pom pom is more spherical you can start improving its shape by smoothing any creases and making the spaces between the 'petals' more even. 
11. Attach the string to the pipe cleaner in the centre. 

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