Monday, 6 February 2012

Paper Craft. Covered Notebooks.

Why not cover your notebooks in your favourite wrapping paper? Here we show you how easy it is.
You will need: A notebook, wrapping paper, a scalpel, double sided tape and a metal ruler.

1. Stick double sided tape around all outer edges of your notebook, including both sides of the spine.

 2. Open your notebook up and apply double sided tape from the inside of the cover to the books hinge.
 3. Then apply tape to all four edges of the end paper. Repeat this process on the back page. 
 4. Position the notebook in the centre of the wrapping paper and remove the paper from the double sided tape.
 5. Open the notebook and stick the back cover to the paper. 
 6. Repeat this process on the front cover.
 7. Sticking down the cover firmly. 
 8. Trim off the excess paper leaving an inch all the way round the notebook.
 9. Using the ruler cut off the corners of the wrapping paper.
 10. Open the notebook up and remove the paper from the double sided tape. Then begin to stick down each tab individually. 
 11. Repeat this process with the back cover of the notebook. And you are finished. Easy. 

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