Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Paper Craft: Clover Box.

These super cute and very easy boxes are perfect for little gifts.

You will need: The net, scrap paper, scalpel, double sided tape, and cello-tape.

 1. Cellotape the net and scrap to the cutting board.
 2. Using the scalpel cut around the net carefully.
 3. Separate the two nets. 
 4. Using the original net as a template start folding the crease lines. 
 5. Once all lines are creased (including the stick tabs) your net should look like this.
 6. put double sided tape on the outside of the tabs and stick. 
 7. Once the net is made up it should look like this. 
 8. Then link the clover 'leaves' one by one clockwise till you are left with a Clover.

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