Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Craft: PomPom Gift Decoration.

Cute little Pom Pom gift decorations. 
You will need: Wool, scissors, scalpel, glue, cardboard and the template.

1. Glue the template circles onto the cardboard. 
2. Cut around the circles with the scalpel and cut out the middle.
3. Place the circles together and loop the wool through both loops.
4. Start to bind the wool around the two circles. 
5. Keep doing this until your circles look like this. 
6. Using the scalpel cut through the wool to cardboard circles.
7. Once complete it should look like this. 
8. Tie a piece of wool through the two card circles. 
9. Remove the card circles and trim the Pom Pom so its even.

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