Thursday, 16 February 2012

Grafika Collaboration.

To celebrate the release of our new Grafika gift wraps we reached out to a collective of artists and illustrators who use collage, origami and paper craft in their work. We sent participants a selection of our Grafika papers. There was no specific brief, we just left it to their imaginations. The response was amazing and we will be posting all the pieces over the next couple of weeks, so keep watching..... 

Sophie Wainwright -
Paperdermy Pheasant
"When I was sent 1973's paper I knew the bold and colourful patterns would make some amazing plumage. I jumped at the chance to create a creature completely from scratch, using just the coloured paper..

This friendly chappy has only ever been sighted once in the wild. Unfortunately his bright feathers made him an easy target for predators and he is now said to be just a creature of folklore."

Naomi Elliott -
"When I first got the paper the yellow and grey one jumped out at me straight away! It just reminded me of lots of umbrellas all crowded together on the streets so that was my starting point. What I really like about rainy days is how there are lots of umbrellas everywhere when it starts to rain and then how it disperses into just a few. I decided to make an explosion of umbrellas coming out of of the pattern and being blown across the sky. I didn't want to restrict this by being on paper so I decided I needed a much bigger space to play with and my very bare wall fitted the bill nicely. It was quite hard to have to cut up the paper at first as it is so lovely! After creating the stream of umbrellas, I added a little character who is watching rather bemusedly at the explosion. 

It was a really fun project to do! It gave me a great chance to use slightly more graphic shapes and bolder colours than I usual would. It was also nice to brighten up the wall above my desk!"

Mary Iverson -
"I really enjoyed doodling all over the paper and decided to keep with the theme of Valentine's Day and used my character Pandora as the springboard. I collaged together stickers of Pandora, googly eyes, and bling."

You can view the entire Grafika range on our shop HERE

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