Thursday, 23 February 2012

Grafika Collaboration. Part 2.

This week we bring you three more pieces by some of the talented artists who participated in our Grafika Collaboration. 

Hannah Ashwell -
The neon pinks and oranges inspired me to head back to my childhood in the eighties and I experimented with various foldings to create abstract shapes using differently folded and textured squares. In the end, a miss spent youth also provided the genesis for the basic unit: the fortune teller that predicted your future husband or career depending on the number of times it was opened and closed. Immediately this 4 pointed spike with a square silhouette suggested pixels and from there I arranged the squares to create those icons from the past Space Invaders.

Lucy Driscoll -
I love the bold shapes & colours of the Grafika paper, & have turned them into abstract landscapes with the help of an 80s Blue Peter Annual!  I had great fun making them!

Ben Everett -
Since college I have been fascinated by the way animals live and the insides of their secret homes and multiple maze tunnels. I wanted to create a retro home for the unpleased looking rabbit, I love the expression on his face and thought he looked rather miffed off about something. He is a character that somes up people of today (he has a whole pile of carrots infront of him, yet is still unsatified and wants more from life)

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