Thursday, 24 October 2013

Interview with Eric Comstock

 What is your greatest achievement?
I’m still working on that one.
How would you describe your work/style to someone who hadn't seen it?
Fun, whimsical and quirky.
What piece of advice would you give your 15 year old self?
44 year old me: Hi 15 year old Me.
15 year old me: Dude, you’re old.
44 year old me: That may be true but I need to tell you something.
15 year old me: Can it wait? I’m listening to a new Elvis Costello tape on my walkman.
44 year old me: It’s really important. You need to hear this. Can you even hear me. You know you shouldn’t listen to those headphones so loud it’s not going to be good for your hearing. are you
listening to me?
When are you at your happiest?
When I am in the middle of an illustration and I find I am smiling as I work, then I know I’m on to something good.
What is the worst job you have had?
I worked in a fish plant processing Salmon Roe one summer in Valdez, Alaska. The scenery was beautiful but the work was back-breaking and the smell of fish in my clothing was terrible.
Who would play you in the movie of your life?
When I was in High School people told me I looked like Anthony Michael Hall from Breakfast Club.
What is your karaoke song?
Heavy Metal Drummer, Wilco
What 5 things can't you live without?
Coffee. My Wacom tablet. Jazz (some of my favorites: Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Dave
Bruebeck, Wynton Marsalis, Art Blakey). Sunshine. A great Red Wine.
What is the greatest invention of all time?
Pencil and Paper
If you didn't do what you do, what would you do?
Brain Surgeon or Underwear model. I can’t decide.


  1. I'm a REALLY big fan of your work Eric, thanks for the inspiration and joy you bring to my life :)

  2. Eric's work is soooooo brilliant and alive! I love his subjects, characters and his palette! Delightful doesn't even begin to say it all. It has a retro feel, but super whimsical all at the same time. It's fresh and vibrant and always moving! Wonderful article.