Thursday, 29 March 2012

Paper craft: Easter Nets.

These fun and very simple nets are perfect for Easter Egg hunts. Hang them all over the garden to keep your little monsters busy. 

What you will need: Scrap Paper, Net, String, Glue, Ruler and a Scalpel.

1. Fold your scrap paper in half and glue the whole inside. You could make these nets using double sided paper but I would still double up for added strength. 
2. Using the net as a template cut out your shape with the scalpel. 
3. Using the net as a guide score (using the back of the scalpel) the fold lines onto your net. 
4. Fold your net on the score lines and cut out the holes. We added rivets to ours but it's not essential. 
5. Pop in a couple of chocolate eggs. Then using the string tie the three points together fastening to create a loop. Now all you need to do is hang them.

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