Thursday, 1 March 2012

Grafika Collaboration. Part 3.

This week we bring you three more great pieces from three very talented artists. 

Lou Taylor - 
I really loved the colours and the patterns of the wrapping paper and enjoyed clashing them against each other. I've recently become slightly obsessed with the work of Christopher Marley and his book Pheromone where he creates incredible patterns using beetles and butterflies. I also love the Booth Museum with it's row upon row of wooden display cases, so it was fun to create something that felt a bit more graphic and modern.

Hollie McManus.
I have used my normal collage style to create some animals and an illustration incorporating them.
Some of the papers reminded me of patterns that are found on animals fur/skin, for example the yellow and grey half circles reminded me of a giraffe.

Rebecca Emery.
I re-use and recycle through my design work and craft by cutting collected pieces of paper and card to form graphic shapes and letters. 
I decided to use the bright geometric patterned Grafika wrapping paper in the same way, to make the paper literally describe itself as a piece of guerrilla art on a white painted wall.

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