Thursday, 15 March 2012

Grafika Collaboration. Part 4.

Here we bring you our final 3 participants in the Grafika X Collaboration. We just wanted to say that we were overwhelmed by the response and loved each and every submission. It was really interesting to see the diversity in pieces especially as everyone was sent the same materials. 

Jonathan Chapman -

Karin Soderquist -

The first thing that struck me when I looked at the wrapping paper collection was how beautiful the patterns and colours where. I wanted to create something that showcased that and I decided to make some bunting out of it.
I put the bunting on the wall and a couple of dogs and a cat came and had a party!

Deborah Moon -

What a wonderful surprise it was to recieve such wonderful paper in the post,  
bright & colorful like the pictures in a story book, which got me thinking 

'Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all'. —Hans Christian Andersen

The work is inspired by 'Stories' fairytales from childhood.  Lands full of
stars, mountains & cities.  Story telling is part of growing up & learning, finding ones voice, daydreaming.
As an adult we forget, stop believing in magical worlds, dragons & enchanted
tales.  Life becomes a little less make-believe, where miracles and magic become
a little lost in the humdrum of life.  Sleeping beauties & prince charmings become locked away in some dusty part of
our minds.

I wanted to create a landscape,  very simple, childlike (rough round the edges,
bold patterns which the paper reflects)  set a scene for a story where we create
the spoken & unspoken tale.

The animations are not clean or polished,  like the spoken word, childlike.  The
piece was created to be changed, moved around.... like stories, different
chapters, beginnings & endings.

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