Thursday, 5 December 2013

Interview with Rick Berkelmans

What is your greatest achievement?
I don't know... not one particular achievement but I am pretty happy with how things are going for me at the moment. People pay me to draw all day long. I live together with the best girlfriend in the world in a beautiful house and am really fortunate with my friends and family. Life is good!
How would you describe your work/style to someone who hadn't seen it?
I think my work exists out of a lot of contradictions. It looks really tactile and nonchalant but at the same time it also appears clever and professional. It is also quite positive and colorful but not childish. It has a certain vintage look and mid century vibe because of my love for printing techniques but the subjects are contemporary and fresh. So like I said, all kinds of contradictions that probably make the work interesting.
What piece of advice would you give your 15 year old self?
Don't be so shy
When are you happiest?
coming home after a productive day at my studio and finding out that my girlfriend has made some kind of special dinner like cheese fondue. I really like melted cheese hahaha
What is the worst job you have had?
I delivered the morning paper for 3 years when I was in high school. On one hand it was really cool to be up at 5 in the morning and walk outside. But it sometimes would be really bad considering the Dutch weather. A lot of people got wet newspapers.
Who would play you in the movie of your life? 
Wow hard one, since I am only 27 ... I've watched a lot of Friends and I could always relate to chandler (Matthew Perry) because he is so silly and clumsy but really funny and a nice guy.
What is your karaoke song?
Haha I am a terrible singer and don't even listen to the lyrics. I think the only songs I can do are the ones of the Ski Leraar Bruin Money Gang album. A side project of some dutch rappers which is basically a complete album with rap songs about skiing, snow, and a lot of nonsense but really funny. I've listened to it so many times that I can sing along with the whole album.
What 5 things can't you live without?
My girlfriend Anneke, drawing, friends and family, food, movies
What is the greatest invention of all time? 
melted cheese
If you didn't do what you do, what would you do?
My family exists out of a long tradition of butchers and bakers and I am also really interested in working with all these nice fresh products. Make sausages, burgers, roasted ham, grilled chicken... or maybe a chef. I really like to work with food i guess.

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