Monday, 23 January 2012

Paper craft. heart gift box.

Use scrap paper to make these cute little gift boxes. Perfect in time for Valentines day. 

You will need: The template, scrap paper, cello-tape, double sided tape, a scalpel and a metal ruler.
1. Place the template on the scrap paper, Stick both to the cutting mat. Using the scalpel cut around the template.
2. Once cut out your net should look like this. 
3. Separate the template and your net. Using the template as a guide crease your net on the 'fold lines'
4. Place a piece of double sided tape on the outside edge of the tab A. 
5. Stick tab A to the inside of B.
6. Place double sided tape on the marked corners of C and D. Also folding down E and F.
7. Fold and stick C and D down.
8. Turing the box over fold down G and H. Slot I and J together. 
9. Your box is finished!

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