Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Paper craft... Paper Pom pom gift decorations.

Don't throw away your scraps of gift wrap! Decorate your Christmas presents with these easy and cute pom poms. 

You will need: Some scrap paper, a circular object, scissors, a hole punch, a pencil and some ribbon. 
1. Using your circular object draw between 8-12 circles depending on how much scrap paper you have. 
2. Cut out the circles. 
3. Fold the circles in half. 
4. Punch a hole near the edge in the middle of each semi-circle.  
5. Thread the ribbon through both holes.
6. Repeat this with each of the semi-circles. 
7. Tie the ribbon around your gift with the all the semi circles threaded on. 
8. Fan out the sections so your pom pom is full and even. 

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