Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Paper Craft..... Gift Bow.

We HATE waste here at 1973 so we think why not use scraps of leftover wrapping paper to make fun gift bows to adorn your presents this Christmas.

You will need:
Any left over paper, ruler, double sided tape, scalpel and a pencil.
1. Take the scrap paper and measure 9 identical strips. Our strips were 10cm x 3cm. 
2. Using the scalpel cut the paper into strips. 
3. Take a strip and curl it under to form a point. 
4. Turning the point over use the double sided tape stick the back edges together. 
5. After you have repeated this process with 8 of the 9 strips you can start attaching the points to create the gift bow. Start with the first 2 and make a right angle sticking them together with the double sided tape. 
6. Keep adding so that the points are evenly placed. 
7. Now the first layer is complete it should have 4 corners. 
8. Place point 5 in between 2 of the points on the first layer, basically filling in the gap. 
9. Keep adding the points to fill in the gaps.
10. Once all 8 points have been attached the gift bow should look like this. 
11. Take the final strip and curl into a loop, sticking the edges with double sided tape. 
12. Place a piece of tape in the centre of the gift bow stick the curled strip in the centre. 

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