Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Paper Craft... Fan Rosettes.

To make each rosette you will need:
2 pieces of your favourite wrapping paper, cutting mat, scalpel, double sided sticky tape, metal ruler, pen/pencil, scissors, glue stick, string/thread, scorer, sellotape.

3.    Then take one piece, and with a ruler, score 2cm lines of equal distance all the way along the 34cm length in order to create the folds. Repeat this with the second piece.

4.  Then fold back and forth on the scored lines – keep repeating this back and forth so that a concertina zig-zag effect is produced. Repeat this with the one remaining piece so that you now have the two halves of rosette.

5. Fold in half and add double sided tape to one half of the edge. 

6. Fold one in half and where it meets in the middle and stick. Then spread it out so that it fans into a semi-circle. Repeat this with the other piece.

7. Apply double sided tape to the whole side edge of the rosette. 

8.    Then, take both semi-circles and stick their flat edges together which will then make a full fan rosette.

9.    Attach some string to the back using sellotape, and hang up for a great effect. You could make a series of different shapes using our different wrapping papers.

Post by Rachel and Holly

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  1. This is so lovely and simple. I will definitely be doing this for my daughter's grad party next month.