Thursday, 18 November 2010

1973 Loves..... Niki Pilkington.

Ravensbourne graduate Niki is an incredible talent. Her style of illustration is instantly recognisable amongst a sea of copy cats. Niki's main plan of attack is simple yet beautiful depictions of her subjects, however, they feel less portrait more image. Portrait artists are ten a penny, Niki has something very unique. Her use of inks and 3D mixed media make her work fresh and very current. She exhibits in all the right places including 'WAH nails' which is the Dalston go to for the east London Fashion set. She has commissions with all the right clients including Elle Magazine. We're of the opinion that this is the very start of what will prove to be an extraordinary career. View her website and blog

The Artist herself..

quick thank you to Niki for the info and also the use of all the images above. 

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