Wednesday, 17 November 2010

1973 Loves...... Chris Cunningham ♡

This is a completely selfish post but I am wildly excited as I just got tickets for the fellas Christmas to go and see Chris Cunningham at the Roundhouse in London in February. Cunningham is an English video maker who was best known for his work with Warp Records more so with Warp artist Aphex Twin, Madonna and Bjork. His 'All is full of Love' video won loads of awards and was even nominated for a grammy....nice. He has been labeled 'the master of dark and disturbing'

He also has some incredible advertising campaigns under his belt, including his collaboration with Gucci (predictably my favourite) which sampled Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' and stared model of the moment Abbey Lee. It'a about as iconic as a modern fragrance advert gets if you haven't seen it look....

anyway now he does a live show.... and i'm going......and it's going to be nang...... 

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