Thursday, 6 March 2014

Interview with Jorge Lawerta

What is your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement will probably be the fact of making a living from illustration.
Working on something you love is one of the best things you can achieve.
How would you describe your work/style to someone who hadn't seen it?
Always hard to talk about your own work. Anyway I think my work is simple, fun and colorful
What piece of advice would you give your 15 year old self?
"Do more crazy stuff!! it´s gonna be ok in 15 years, I guarantee"

When are you happiest?
When I´m peacefully drawing, with my music on.
What is the worst job you have had?
Well I wouldn´t say "worst" but the less interesting job I´ve ever had was to work
on a restaurant. Everyday the same thing over and over again.
Who would play you in the movie of your life? 
Maybe someone like Jack Black!

What is your karaoke song?
I´m not really into Karaoke, but I guess "My Way" is one I would choose to sing.
Also something from Foo Fighters or NOFX.
What 5 things can't you live without?
Excluding friends and family wich are not things, I would say internet, paper, pencil, guitar,
What is the greatest invention of all time? 
If you didn't do what you do, what would you do?
I would have love to be a musician but being realistic I think I would be a broker ;)

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