Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sanna Annukka.. Featured.. British Vogue September issue..

Sanna Annukka has been featured in the September issue of British Vogue. The piece is about Fashion's Night Out which is an event that takes place on the 8th of September which is basically a shopping celebration that takes place all over the world. Last year it took place in thirteen different countries around the world including London, Paris, New York, Milan, Berlin, Tokyo and many more. It is basically an event championed by Vogue to encourage shoppers to visit stores, meet designers and buy loads of stuff (like we need help in this department?)

This years London event has been launched with a Tee and canvas bag adorned by a great graphic by our friend Sanna Annukka! The graphic features the London Skyline and includes some of the most iconic landmarks of our capital city. We think they look great and are very excited to get our mitts on both items. 

For full information on the event simply log on to www.fashions-night-out.vogue.co.uk

For Sanna's website simply visit www.sanna-annukka.com

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