Friday, 30 July 2010

Paul Thurlby...

One of our upcoming launches is from a great illustrator Paul Thurlby. His approach to typography is really unique and exciting. His muted colour pallet and drawing style make his work very easy to differentiate. We're very excited and we hope you guys are too!

take a look at all his work here:


  1. Hi!

    Cool! I love all your work. The paper is beautiful!
    I just finished redecorate a dresser with the wrappingpaper flower 0457. by The good life. I am so pleased with it!
    You should check it out on my blog. Allthough the text is in norwegian the pics speaks for them self. Keep up all your good work, i love your style!

    Love Med et lekent sinn ( With a playfull mind )

  2. fantastic-really original illustrations- love it!

  3. ooh wonderful, i love Paul Thurlby!!!

  4. I love his work! will these be cards?

  5. Yes these will be a card set and possible wrap. We are all excited about them. NST

  6. Let me know when available and I will feature :)